DEP-i Overlay System

DEP-i Overlay System — DEP-i takes pride in our overlay system! Those of you that do not know what a overlay is can see the result below. Essentially, a photo overlay is an image that “lays over” the top of another image. Most of the time, it is designed to sit like a frame around the first photo.


DEP-i can control overlays by make, model, trim and VIN; something you would have to do manually in other data systems is fully automated with DEP-i when you sign up for our IMS Package or opt for the IMS+ Package. For example, if a dealer wants to apply a 0% Finance overlay to only 2019 Silverado 1500s, you can set the rule to only target those vehicles. In other data management systems, you would have to go into each vehicle, one at a time, to add the overlay manually.

TheDEP-i overlay system can also target a keyword or inventory conditions such as certified, internet specials, CARFAX, one-owners and much more!

We have also developed the system to be able to export unique overlays per inventory vendor, such as Autotrader,, Car Gurus, etc.

The DEP-i overlay system is a great tool to enhance your vehicles images and target the consumer you are looking to attract by delivering a message on the image.